Devotion, artistry, spirit and knowledge

(Toccata Early music magazine)

Höör Barock Ensemble is one of Scandinavia’s top most celebrated baroque ensembles of today. In a short period of time the ensemble has played it´s way right into the ”Champion’s league” of early music groups.( Toccata Early music magazine).

In the little village of Höör in the South of Sweden a Baroque ensemble has emerged, consisting of professional musicians within the early music scene. With a successful annual summer festival, and invitations to perform throughout Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Austria, Höör Barock has firmly established itself as one of Sweden’s leading Baroque ensembles.

”The ensemble unites virtuosity with delicacy, and delicacy with robustness. A tingling of life and fancy.”


Höör Barock Ensemble have released three cds on the BIS label, each to international critical acclaim: ”Bach, Telemann, Corelli” and ”Golovinmusiken”, both of which were recorded under the artistic leadership of recorder player Dan Laurin, and “L’Orfeo”, which is a collaborative project with Lundabarock. ”Golovinmusiken” was awarded a Swedish “Grammis” for best Classical release of 2020. The recordings are played regularly on Swedish Radio P2, and have received Worldwide recognition.

In September 2022 Höör Barock Ensemble came out with a new cd, on the Proprius label, with Emelie Roos as soloist: ”Concertos with recorder – treasures from Swedish collections”. The recording has achieved great praise and top grades from the music critics.

The music of Höör Barock Ensemble is distinguished by their lively rhetorics, impassioned interplay and great richness of tone. The individual instruments are given space and the collective expression lies in the dedication and virtuosity of each musician.

”… this ensemble took me by storm!”


Photo: Reinhard Wilting